Perspectives on Expertise

Leading experts in their fields share their personal experiences working with the media.
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Florida Gulf Coast University

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Market Reports & Guides

Want to better understand the challenges journalists face in finding credible sources for their interviews? Interested in more detailed stories that North American and UK experts share about their experiences with the media?  Our research covers that and more.  Download our reports here.

Experts and the Media (UK Edition)

Experts and the Media (US Edition)


Newsrooms: Exploring the Challenges Media Face in Sourcing a Diverse Range of Experts (Research from the Associated Press & ExpertFile)


Get tips that help you build your visibility and influence as an expert. Learn best practices used by leading organizations to build reputation and increase their local and national media coverage by promoting their expertise. View our webinar series here.

Inside the Next Generation Newsroom

Preparing your Experts for the Media Spotlight

Stop Overthinking Content: Use the Power of Expert Q&A


Find out the latest trends, insights and best practices shared by experts, communications professionals and journalists.